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Imperial Lates Online are our free after-hours adult events exploring cutting-edge science and engineering at Imperial in creative ways. Be inspired and join us for a week of discovery as our researchers share the wonder of what they do.


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Imperial Lates Online: Back to Nature 

27 July – 2 August 
Our adult celebrations?of science return in?digital form?this July with a week-long online exploration?of our connection to the?natural?world.? 
  • Join?an?artist and?plant scientist for a live plant drawing workshop
  • Pop into our?wildlife themed?pub-less quiz
  • Put your questions to?rainforest?conservationists?during a?special?Reddit?Ask Me Anything.? 

We also have?a?great outdoors-inspired?poetry?slam, a?debate on?lockdown’s?impact on?the environment, and a host of nature-themed talks, podcast interviews?and music?playlists?for you to enjoy at your leisure. 

Imperial Lates Online are most suitable for over 18s. 

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Future events

Staying Connected 
31 August - 6 September 
How can technology help us to feel closer to friends and family? Imagine a new interconnected future with us as we discover the latest technological and engineering research. 
Healthcare Heroes 
28 September – 4 October 
Join us to celebrate healthcare professionals and hear personal stories from those that have been on the front line during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
26 October – 1 November 
Discuss the science behind how we can stay positive and look after our mental and physical wellbeing during the pandemic. 
Dinner plans 
30 November – 6 December 
Explore the future of food, from the science of cooking to the impact of our food choices on the environment and local economy. 

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Missed an event? You can catch up with recordings of previous events on Imperial College London’s YouTube channel or explore our selection of more online science activities for you to enjoy.  

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